@tek Yeah, it's from fTelnet, think when you load it up it'll still say HtmlTerm. I'll def check it out since I have a project and it's between something else and Synchronet for how much customizing I have to do. I was *REALLY* rooting for Renegade BBS but I don't want a remote Windows machine also. That non-desire is much stronger. A shame cuz all the bells and whistles work so well under Windows. Thinking of basing a MUD on CircleMUD too w/ massive customization.

@tek Suggest websockify to proxy to web interface (HtmlTerm). Drive cross-domain policy via socat. Perhaps tunnel SSH to telnet port. I'd suggest toying with Renegade but you won't get file transfers working in Linux. It's a bust. In windows it's flawless via Net2BBS but I'm not using it. I think the layer between Net2BBS and DOSBox makes it impossible. I've yet to try DOSBox-X under those conditions w/ it's functional NE2000 driver. I've never used ENiGMA½ but Synchronet is very customizable.

@tek I do suggest looking into HtmlTerm, to get people through the telnet barrier that would likely hold you back from greater membership not having that gateway to it. It's pretty good. I've set it up on a couple test BBSes myself already.

@tek I appreciate your enthusiasm on this topic. I used to dial-up old BBSes. I was always partial to Renegade BBS though. I have one at my house with serial to ethernet on a 486/66. It's not hooked up atm cuz nobody gave af. It's a fun machine tho.

I never know what to say. I just know when I do nobody is going to care.

I worry about people who have upwards of 30K toots.

@socialskeleton The key to not missing Twitter is to not have friends.

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instance / user block recommendation, pls boost 

@curufuin I've done clean ups like this before. Soon to be reversed by too many things. You put everything away nicely, then necessity to use those things becomes apparent again, space gone. Music equipment really killed my ability to do this again.

@curufuin jealous.. you'd have an easier time finding Bigfoot than space anywhere here. Might even have Bigfoot somewhere, I dunno. 🤔

Pretty sure "How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?" is one of the more funny anime to come out lately. Absurd and exaggerated culture untapped in anime in this context made to comedy.

I like how "night mode" is becoming popular on sites, I'm grateful, cuz it's otherwise too bright... but I ain't sitting here like I wasn't doing it since the 90's and have been mocked for not being a developer who makes blindingly white interfaces cuz it was totally the "in" thing to do. 😅

The e-Commerce side of the Internet and their "Did you forget something in your cart?" emails.. 😂 I'M THINKING GIVE ME A MOMENT!

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If it feels lonely out there, you're welcome here. Expect a few typical Mastodon topics like code and anime and occasional rants about how I stay up too much to get all the things done. I'm not the best discussion initiator, but can go when prompted. :3

@tjmuessig I've been calling him "Choam Nomsky".. like Gnomeski. :P I can count the laughs I got on a single hand if you didn't use any fingers to do so.

I'm so pointless on social media whenever I wanna reply to people about 50%+ I just delete it before I even send. This has been a habit for years now.

If I didn't have the companion of coding I'd probably go off the deep end. Even with as many hobbies as I have, I couldn't imagine dedicating the time I put into them like I do with coding. I probably balance too much stuff but it makes the day go by so hey.

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