I've shut down the WWIV and Citadel #FreeRadical BBSes. They were nifty, but neither really represented what I'd want to play around with for more than an hour. Instead, I'm moving ahead with the ENiGMA½ setup (which is still *way* early, so don't expect much yet). You can get to it today with:

$ telnet bbs.freeradical.zone 8888

SSH and web interfaces are planned but that's still a little while out.

@tek Suggest websockify to proxy to web interface (HtmlTerm). Drive cross-domain policy via socat. Perhaps tunnel SSH to telnet port. I'd suggest toying with Renegade but you won't get file transfers working in Linux. It's a bust. In windows it's flawless via Net2BBS but I'm not using it. I think the layer between Net2BBS and DOSBox makes it impossible. I've yet to try DOSBox-X under those conditions w/ it's functional NE2000 driver. I've never used ENiGMA½ but Synchronet is very customizable.

@maideninch Is HtmlTerm fTelnet now? Either way, yeah, I plan to set that up but haven't gotten do it yet.

Enigma hasn't been around nearly so long, but behind the scenes it's much more modern than a lot of the other BBSes. It also has nice external doors support.

Feel free to check it all out! I've hardly customized it so far, but you can get a feel for what's coming.

@tek Yeah, it's from fTelnet, think when you load it up it'll still say HtmlTerm. I'll def check it out since I have a project and it's between something else and Synchronet for how much customizing I have to do. I was *REALLY* rooting for Renegade BBS but I don't want a remote Windows machine also. That non-desire is much stronger. A shame cuz all the bells and whistles work so well under Windows. Thinking of basing a MUD on CircleMUD too w/ massive customization.

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