I never know what to say. I just know when I do nobody is going to care.

I worry about people who have upwards of 30K toots.

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instance / user block recommendation, pls boost 

Pretty sure "How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?" is one of the more funny anime to come out lately. Absurd and exaggerated culture untapped in anime in this context made to comedy.

I like how "night mode" is becoming popular on sites, I'm grateful, cuz it's otherwise too bright... but I ain't sitting here like I wasn't doing it since the 90's and have been mocked for not being a developer who makes blindingly white interfaces cuz it was totally the "in" thing to do. 😅

The e-Commerce side of the Internet and their "Did you forget something in your cart?" emails.. 😂 I'M THINKING GIVE ME A MOMENT!

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If it feels lonely out there, you're welcome here. Expect a few typical Mastodon topics like code and anime and occasional rants about how I stay up too much to get all the things done. I'm not the best discussion initiator, but can go when prompted. :3

I'm so pointless on social media whenever I wanna reply to people about 50%+ I just delete it before I even send. This has been a habit for years now.

If I didn't have the companion of coding I'd probably go off the deep end. Even with as many hobbies as I have, I couldn't imagine dedicating the time I put into them like I do with coding. I probably balance too much stuff but it makes the day go by so hey.

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